Volkswagen Dealership Project | Boise, Idaho

Boise, ID

Demolition / Concrete Cutting / Commercial Building

Volkswagen Dealership Project

A-Core of Boise was commissioned to work on a large remodel project on a Volkswagen dealership. Crews were required to saw-cut and remove several large wall openings. The first challenge was to saw-cut the top 3-feet of the openings at 18-feet tall. Removal of this top section had to be done by cutting the 12-inch thick CMU wall into 3-feet x 4-feet sections. Since the interior of the wall was temporarily shored, removal had to be performed from the outside.

On the exterior of the wall there was a 4-foot wide planter protruding from the wall with a new concrete curb next to the asphalt. This planter and curb made the project particularly challenging for A-Core crews to remove the massive concrete slab. Once the top section was removed, A-Core personnel placed 2, 12-foot long x 3/8-inch thick steel c-channels over the curb to protect the it from the impact of the 26-foot wide x 14-foot tall concrete section. A-Core also placed plywood and tires over the new asphalt to protect it from getting damaged. Due to an existing 10-foot x 12-foot window in the center of the new larger opening, an unconventional decision was made to remove this wall as one large piece. This eliminated several days of saw-cutting and unnecessary spending. Following the completion of all the saw-cutting with one small tug by a bobcat machine the concrete slab fell as anticipated. The customer was delighted with A-Core of Boise’s calculated decisions and care on this project. Now future Volkswagen customers will clearly be able to see what Volkswagen has to over through the large window opening A-Core crews cut.