City Creek Center Project | Salt Lake City, Utah


Salt Lake City, UT

Concrete Cutting / Demolition / Commercial Building

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City was positioned one of the largest building development projects in the United States, which created a vibrant and attractive city center. Collaboration with downtown business centers, the City Creek is an integral part of downtown life. Construction began in November 2006 and was completed March of 2012. This six year project encompasses nearly three square city blocks. A-Core was on this project since they first started demolition.

We saw cut tens of thousands of linear feet of concrete as well as core drilled thousands of holes. On this project, diamond wire sawing had proven to be a technique for contractors. Thousands of square feet up to 30′ deep had been cut using our diamond wire sawing methods.

We demolished The Eagle Gate section of the City Creek project, which included complete demolition of the Deseret First Credit Union building. Demolition of this office building consisted of completely removing the interiors of 14-stories. Despite the strict scheduling constraints and adverse work conditions, we completed every aspect of concrete sawing, drilling and demolition required for the successful completion of this project.