C-470 Road | Denver, Colorado


Denver, CO

Concrete Cutting / Grinding and Grooving / Transportation

C-470 Road

Type of project?

  • Widening of the C-470 road
  • Full-on road construction and road build, concrete saw cutting, deep sawing, hand saw concrete core drilling
  • Denver office only existed since May – being our newest office
    • Helped get our feet under us

What company hired A-Core?

  • Flat Iron

Plan details / What is the purpose of the project?

  • Widen the road and make room for an express lane – This was one of the very first big projects the Denver team worked on – they were just created in May 2018. This project helped get them on their feet and get more and more jobs.

Estimated completion date?

  • Start: Couple years ago – another A-Core division was out there doing grinding for them for a few years.
  • Estimated Completion: Six months to a year

Challenges of the project?

  • Lots of deep sawing, such as hand saw core drilling – one of the first projects