Demolition of Concrete: Removing Mountains

In the face of erecting new buildings, construction contractors inevitably face the challenge of demolishing an older structure to make way for the new. Occasionally a concrete demolition company must be called in to handle the demolition of concrete.

It’s important that demolition takes place not only on schedule, but in the safest way possible. Whether you’re facing an industrial, commercial, or even residential project, it can be difficult finding a company with the experience and equipment to handle such complex scenarios.

There are several factors to take into account when making this decision:

  • Cost of the service
  • Experience of the crew members
  • Equipment
  • Timeliness of the project
  • Safety hazards
  • Environmental Impact

A-Core’s Demolition Services

A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists are perfect for virtually any demolition job with their record of safety, as well as their timely and cost-effective demolition practices. A-Core has brought its vast experience to bear on a number of significant projects, such as demolishing sections of Fashion Place mall in Salt Lake City, decommissioning nuclear power plants, refurnishing the busy I-15 freeway, demolishing a 230-foot smoke stack at an industrial plant in Idaho, and breaking and removing residential driveways all over the Western United States. With our state-of-the-art robotic hammers, we’re able to carry out demolition tasks in tight quarters. Our methods aim at decreasing the dust, vibration, noise and safety hazards that come naturally to any demolition project.

A-Core possesses state-of-the-art robotic hammers that allow demolition to occur in tight places, while also decreasing dust, vibration, noise and safety hazards.

Strategic Demolition

A-Core demolition specialists approach every problem deliberately in order to ensure the full safety of the team and the surroundings.

  • We evaluate every aspect of the project: taking into account any safety risks, hazardous conditions and environmental concerns.
  • We lay out a strategy that will ensure our success without taking risks or putting other individuals or parties at risk.
  • We proceed with the concrete demolition. Our crews are highly trained and experienced, which helps our projects proceed smoothly.
  • We remove the remains of the concrete, leaving you to proceed with construction as you see fit.

Thanks to the expertise of our crews, any unforeseeable problems are adapted to in the most professional and safe manner possible.

Contact A-Core for Demolition Experts

Besides the demolition of concrete, A-Core also offers heavy concrete demolition, grooving and grinding concrete and cutting concrete services to assist you in any construction or concrete-remodeling venture. No job is too simple or complex. Contact us and request a bid today.